A Car That Promises Class, Power And Performance!

Barring a few pieces that promise extreme exotica, there aren’t much of cars that promise of the ultimate experience. And the one to top the list is AMG Mercedes. The car known to bring a convergence of style, power and performance in a look!

AMG Mercedes, where AMG stands for Aufrecht, Melcher and GroBaspach is inspired by the names of the famous engineers and Aufrecht’s birth place. It was in 1976 that the first model from the AMG series what geared up for production.

Racing engines and power

AMG series was designed as an affirmation to provide for a quality performance and racing engine to the style class for a good performance. The power of the car is enhanced with turbochargers, excellent software, high-standard engines and limit-testing designs. These are unmatched to the regular luxury cars and therefore promise the customers of an experience of luxury and premium cars where performance is the key!

Craftsmanship that compels

Not only is an unimaginable engine for the car brought to life but the beauty of the car is another aspect that has been worked on deliriously. The craftsmanship speaks of every cut and style change in a revering manner to bring about a high performance that creates statements. The car promises of an affluent sense of style that matches people who believe in creating their own statements.

Cost of the luxury

Of course with so many features, luxury elements, powerful engine and hard rock design, there is a bigger price to pay for the beauty like AMG Mercedes. But the starting price of the car lies right at $60,000 and goes up to $220,000. At this cost the nine models of the AMG series can be chosen by the customers to delve into luxurious travel journeys and experiences.

Premium luxury car is an understatement

A fine convergence of powerful engine, quality craftsmanship, brilliant design and of course a symbol of status – AMG Mercedes Benz series is truly a mystery to unfold. And as the wheels turn to the streets they enhance comfort and luxury in one hand while gearing up for creating statements in another. These cars aren’t just short lived comforts but a premium experience to enhance lifestyle.

AMG series by Mercedes has certainly been crafted after a lot of research and understanding of what works best in enhancing one’s definition of style and class while giving due importance to performance. And it lives by its own definition!

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