How to Check Your Car After a Collision Repair

If your car got involved in road accident that damaged your car either badly or to some extent, a visit to the collision repair shop becomes inevitable. Then again you have to visit it again once they are done with the repair work and call you to receive it. This is the point about which we are going to discuss today.

We all know how our minds get filled with doubts and worries, as we have to deal with the mechanics of the auto body repair shop and convince them about the things you are still not happy with. But that is yet somewhat a better situation than driving back home happy only to find afterwards that all your money for the repair work has been gone through the drain.

For this we will help you with a few preparation tips that will ensure that you bring the car repaired for whatever you have paid for.

Prepare a Checklist

Start with writing down a checklist to see what was ordered to be done and if they are working sound now. In the process, you also have to check out the warranty policy of the shop, because today it is now offered by most of the reputed collision repair shops. They also offer guarantee for their work over the period of one-year or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first.

So, here goes the aspects that you should inspect of your own, before you accept your car back.

How Clean is It?

Dirt has the ability to hide certain imperfections. On the other side, it is the job of the collision repair center to clean your vehicle as a part of the repair package. That is why you should check out the car to be spotlessly clean inside and out, before you accept the car and pick it up.  Make sure that your car has been properly washed and thoroughly vacuum cleaned, so that it would be easy for you to inspect the areas that you wanted to be repaired.  This should include everything from the engine to the floor mats. Once your eyes and instincts are satisfied, you need to step ahead for a more careful session of inspection.

Check the Repaired Zones by Turn

You have the paper with you that lists the areas you asked the shop to repair, or they suggested and took your consent on replacements of the parts, that might also include a paint job. Now it is time to check those areas and not only through eyes but also by their functionalities.

Parts You Should Never Forget to Check

Before you take your car back, make sure to check the following aspects listed below:

  • The seams of the body panels for any unevenness or gaps
  • Check the doors, window glasses, hood and the trunk by opening and closing them a couple of times.
  • Check for the Air Bags.
  • The distance between the fenders and the tires.
  • Make sure that all the hoses and wires are properly connected.
  • Turn on the headlights and watch out the beam alignment
  • Last is the time to check the paint and finish.

If all of these seemed to be okay, you are now free to leave the collision repair shop and drive your car back home.

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